The Hall of Flame Award is extremely special to our organization.  Beginning in 2002, this prestigious award has been given to a long term member of the ISGB, whose contribution deserves special recognition.

2010 Award Speech -  Kendra Bruno, President

As I have said before and will always say, it is a true pleasure and sincere privilege to be president of the ISGB.  Certainly at the top of this honor is presenting the annual Hall of Flame Award.  I am very excited to be here again this year to do just that.

This award is given to a member of the International Society of Glass Beadmakers whose contribution deserves special recognition.  Since 2002, we have honored recipients.  Whether it is for education, advancement of the field, support of the art form through glass and tool development , leadership, volunteerism, support of artists, support of our organization, wealth of knowledge, a positive community image of a beadmaker and/or bead making, or a spirit of sharing knowledge and expertise, the Hall of Flame Award sets a new standard of excellence in our world of glass beadmaking.

Our recipient this year was easy for me to write about; I know them very well on so many levels - personally, in business and, of course, through the ISGB.  This person knows glass.  They have been around forever in the world of glass and glass beadmaking. Not quite as old as Venice, but I 

know that they love that city.

When asked about our recipient, friends said they were well-respected and confident.  They were both knowledgeable and exceptionally skilled. They were family oriented and passionate about glass and their faith.  


Classically trained in Art Education at the University of Maryland and with graduate courses in Glass Technology at the University of Kansas, Lisa has been working with hot glass for over thirty five years.   Working under a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, Lisa studied glassblowing and engraving at the Jon Meyer Studio and with artisans from Steuben in Corning.

With work all over the world and in many books, Lisa's time is spent refining her craft, developing new techniques and teaching.   She served on the ISGB’s National Conference Team as the Loss Prevention Specialist / Artist Liaison.

Hall of Flame

This is a person who believes deeply in the ISGB and is both diligent and dedicated.  And they are very good at begging for "stuff."

Talk to this person about Steuben, but only if you have at least 10 hours to dedicate to the conversation.  Talk to this person about Corning, but only if you have a lifetime.  Talk to this person about art, art history, glass, studio set-up, studio safety, beadmaking, well, just about anything and you will walk away more educated and jazzed about your passion for glass than you could ever imagine!

Not big on vegetables, but always craving good BBQ - not a fancy meal, just great home cooking.  Laughs with conviction, lives life as if each day is a true blessing. Teaches with a passion, loves with all her heart, makes it all fun - makes it about the the ISGB and glass!

To sum it all up. a wonderful mom to Ian and David, a loving husband to Cyril, a person who loves a good fire marshall more than we will ever know!  It is a heartfelt privilege to say, that the 2010 ISGB Hall of Flame Award is being given to the one, the only, and the very special, Lisa St. Martin!

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